Application of knowledge to real-world problems and complex issues
Math story problems +
Current events/scholastic news/weekly reader
Character counts…conflict resolution/community building
Country projects
Field trips (Science Center/Neal Smith)
JA Biztown +
Genetic engineering debate
Building vehicle
Online interfaces
Star lab
Mock elections
Journaling about specific issues

school store - bookkeeping, inventory, deposits, purchasing, marketing, advertising, management, customer relations
stock market in math - current events role in finance/investment, evaluating needs vs. wants, seasonal changes in markets, gauging interests, cause and effect, analysis of data using graphs and charts
gardening - determining causes of leaf mold or plant changes, growing seasons and zones, changes in seasons vs. plants, microbial studies, measurement, cooperation/compromise and effective communication skills in planning of garden spaces
writing letters to soldiers, penpals, businesses, or fan mail to support and encourage sport or club members

Challenging content that is significant to a topic
Science inquiry
Hands on activities
Pumpkin measurement
Algebraic equations
Laws of motion
Genetic engineering
Math centers (inquiry based learning) +
Science fair

stock market in math
selecting items for school store (pricing/profit/gauging interest)
money management for school store(bookkeeping, deposit, inventory, placing orders)
measurement for garden planning (size of plant, spacing, growth rate, season, light exposure)
cooperation/compromise for garden planning teams - work within a budget for team choices
genetics (hybrid plants, cross-breeding, desired traits of plants, cross-pollination)
scientific techniques for research - thinking like a scientist (questionning, tools, strategies, variables, evaluating outcomes)

Authentic work
Books for Hope
Books—flip books, writers’ workshop, learning logs
Story writing
Science notebook data
Garden work & planning
Response letters
Paw Prints school newspaper
Poetry café
Multimedia project at end of year
Bloom’s project
Wikispace book club
Blog book discussion
Connecting music, art & social studies for ancient cultures
Writing across the curriculum (SS & Science)
Christmas Around the World
Fractured Fairytale books
narratives in writing lab
justifying findings in science labs

Use of Prior Knowledge
Making connections
KWL charts ++
2nd grade benchmarks
Math pretests
Linking between reading/social studies/library
Building off plants from 5th grade to cells in plants in 6th grade
Health issues
2 column notes
ABC chart
Word Webs
Development of in-depth understanding on a topic
Cross-curricular units +
Bloom’s taxonomy project
Science fair
Wax museum
Greek Gods research
United Streaming
problem-solving in math
planning articles and layout of newspaper
developing proper nouns from common nouns
developing a hypothesis in science

Ability to develop and express ideas and finding through elaborated communication (projects and presentations)
Wax museum +
Book projects/presentations +
Poetry café
Country projects/potluck
Science fair (syntheses) +
Elementary Paw Prints +
Country report
Habitat projects
JA BIztown
Multimedia presentation at end of year
Readers theater
Power point
Fractured Fairytales

developing product commercials for student inventions