Postive Behavior Supports1. Vision statement for Positive Behavior Supports:
Van Meter School is committed to creating a proactive, positive, respectful
learning environment to support academic achievement, lifestyle skills and
students who value themselves and others.
(this statement is tied to the District Mission Statement)

2. PBS Team Roles
Administrator Maribeth
Internal Coach Jennifer
Content Lead Eldonna
Data Manager Mindy
Meeting Facilitator Christa
Secretary Jim
AEA Cheryl Modlin

3. We will create a bulletin board with definition and vision of PBS
Maribeth will print out definition and vision statement and give to Eldonna

4. We will meet the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 am in the conference
Room. Next meeting will be October 6.
Tasks for next PBS meeting:
Assess consensus for BS
How are we sharing information from 1st training with staff
Review vision statement
Bulletin Board
Teachers will be paid for attendance at 7:30 meeting. Please remember
To complete a time sheet

5. First meeting with the staff will be at the October 14 Staff Meeting
6. I will purchase binders for each member of the committee