January 18 Inservice Overview
8:30 – 9:30
Skills Iowa
3-6 Grade teachers met with Myra Lisk to discuss Skills Iowa Program. Each grade level
described use of the program and assessments this year. It was apparent that there are
some variations in application and consistency of use between grade levels. The last
30 minutes were for grade levels to meet and work with Myra.
Recommendation: A time will be scheduled for grade levels needing assistance
to work with Dennis Kuyper . An email has already been sent to determine dates

K-2 teachers met to discuss the Bridges program. There was an extensive discussion
About how the program is used at each grade level. There was also a discussion of
the areas not covered in the program, particularly basic computation skills. Notes
were taken on strengths, weaknesses and recommendations.
Closure and Follow-up: Notes of the strengths, weaknesses and recommendations
will be typed up and sent out to teachers, principal and Director of Teaching & Learning.

9:45 – 10:30
Daily Five
The elementary staff met to discuss Daily Five. Grade levels described use
Kind Using read to self & partner. Combines with Readwell & Letter people
Writing – difficulty with penmanship. Would like to bring in centers.
1st Using read to self & Other. Writing – penmanship not good enough
Would like to revamp writing, restructure wordwork & incorporate centers.
2nd Doing four of the elements. Writing – doing writer’s workshop
3 rd Using read to self & others.
4th Each person using various components – mainly read to self, others & writing
5th Weekly 5 - Read to self, others, listening, wordwork (pair strong w/weak)
6th Incorporating elements but not Daily 5 - Read to self & others, listening, writing, wordwork
Amount of reading increased, students know what is expected, they have a choice, increased
Oral reading and some teachers like the writing component.
Lower grades penmanship make writing component difficult, don’t have enough tools for
Listening skills, not everyone trained and differing implementation and expectations.
Will students stay interested when they have the same format for several years.
How do we balance this with whole group activities – such as trade book unit.

10:30 – 12:00 Elementary staff met with Shannon Miller to develop Google Docs Program
8:30 – 12:00 Elementary specials met to discuss schedule and look identify collaboration time for teachers