Notes from Iowa Core Meeting on October 5, 2009
What we have done at Van Meter to begin process of implementing Iowa Core
1. Reviewed information with elementary staff, discussing instruction/assessment ,focusing on formative assessment.
2. Building goal established to investigate Iowa Core, focusing on literacy strand
3. Administrative team establishing walk-through template connected to 5 essential
Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
Information for today
Outcome 4 Alignment of Content, Instruction, and assessment
Outcome 4 District leaders and other educators monitor and use data to increase the degree of alignment of each and every student’s enacted curriculum and other relevant education opportunities to the iowa core curriculum.
Aligned intended curriculum(Iowa Core) to enacted curriculum (what is actually happening in classrooms)
Teachers are going to be asked to document what they actually teach… and there will be tools to help with this work. This means data will be collected on what teachers actually teach

a. Summative self reports
b. Observation and dialogue
Alignment is the extent to which and how well all policy elements (content, instruction, and assessment) work together to guide instruction and facilitate and enhance student learning.
First step is to compare align curriculum (what we are actually teaching) with intended curriculum (Iowa Core Curriculum)

Alignment shouldn’t begin before your implementation plan is finished
Question: Can a teacher begin going through the on-line alignment process before the implementation plan is finished.

Tools - HCAT Heartland Curriculum Alignment Tool (online tool where teachers can “check-off” which areas of the ICC that are already aligned to their actual curriculum) Teachers and administrators can disaggregate the data – variety of ways to chart the data.
Question: Does a check-off mean that a teacher introduced or taught that concept in depth.

Roll Out and Engagement
Focus on two sets of activities
Summative Self Report
Observation and Dialogue

Phase 1 - Awareness Training Fall and Winter 2009
Foundational concepts and terms – introduce and discuss with staff
Introduction to Outcome 4 and Self Study
Educators Learn about alignment processes to implement Iowa Core Curriculum

Discussion: In deciding which areas are being taught – how do we differentiate between
What is introduced, developed and mastered.
Discussion on how we approach grades and grade levels.

Identify at one thing from training
1. Alignment work for ICC is about each and every student
2. Teachers are going to be asked to document what they teach and there will be tools
to help with this work

3. Alignment work will extend beyond the initial roll-out.

Resources Heartland has Iowa Core Curriculum wesbsite that has a variety of resources and information

Statewide database- Iowa Core Curr 21st Century ScenariosSearch by grade levels and areas.Also gives great connections to technology tools.Teachers can submit Statewide database - Iowa Core Curr 21st Century Scenarios Search by grade levels and areas. Also gives great connections to technology tools. Teachers can submit ideas.

Discussion: How do we get time for teachers to collaborate and go through alignment process?
How do we structure the alignment process?
Whole group together to discuss alignment process and then teachers can figure out
how to take it.