Notes from BLT Meeting
February 4, 2010 met 3:30 – 4:45
Attending: Janelle Thompson, Deb Saylor, Marsha Fries, Eldonna Skahill
Absent: Ann Volk
Guest: Jennifer Sigrist
1. BLT Charter
Janelle and Marsha met to compile the ideas contributed by the BLT into a draft charter
The draft charter was presented to the BLT. Several suggestions were made, including
The following:
Replace” in” with “representing”
Take out “example, classroom and specials”
Put in “twice monthly “for meetings
Take out the words “and take life”

2. Overview of the February 10 Early Release Inservice
Maribeth and Jenn presented a draft of the inservice – focusing on writing.
The BLT discussed and made several suggestions.
Jenn will include team-members suggestions as the inservice agenda is developed and
Send out information to the BLT. The issue of specials teacher involvement was
Discussed and the consensus was that writing is relevant to all curricular areas.

3. 1-1 Conference on April 7
Jenn clarified the purpose of the 1-1 Conference in April. The options are the we can
Send 5 elementary staff or that we can dismiss at 12:30 and all staff attend the conference.
BLT members discussed whether what is presented would be relevant to elementary
Teachers . For elementary staff, the focus would be on technology integration and not
The 1-1. A third option was discussed - if we dismiss at 12:30 and there are not enough
Relevant sessions, that elementary staff could conduct their own technology workshop.
Jenn said that she would check into the number of sessions for elementary and whether
Staff would have that option.

4. Collaboration Time
We discussed collaboration time and looked at times that we currently have in the schedule.

5. Next Meeting
Maribeth will send out a Doodle to set up next meeting.