Elementary BLT Vision Statement
Providing our students with the skill sets to succeed.

The purpose of the Van Meter Elementary School Building
Leadership Team (BLT) is to:

· Provide leadership for school targets, accomplishments, and present plan for school improvement.
· Provide a strong organizational process for the school.
· Create a proactive, positive, and respectful learning environment to support academic achievement.
· Develop life long learners.
· Create students who value themselves and others.
· Ensure that the building engages in a variety of evaluation tasks that help determine goals, inform progress, change, and benchmark success of student achievement.

The team consists of the Elementary principal, and team members in representing all areas of teaching. The principal is the team leader and the other team members have duties directed by the team leader. Team members are responsible for involvement in decision making and communicating to stakeholders. The BLT will meet twice monthly and will not be paid for their involvement.

To ensure success, team members will direct their focus to;
· THINK (decide, inquire, solve)
· LEAD (six pillars of character, accept the challenge of education)
· SERVE (to express themselves, to know the importance of giving back to the community, individuals, family, organizations, and committees to work together for the future).

The BLT will have full support from the team leader and school administration. The BLT is empowered to review, recommend, create, and construct positive, productive, independent thinkers in both staff and students.

It is important as the BLT that we meet the needs of all learners, understand that we learn in different ways throughout our lives, and learn about the world around us.